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How You Can Sponsor

The Sunrise Cambodia sponsorship program is a way for you to have a profound effect on the future of Cambodia. 


Not only will you give life-changing education to some of the poorest kids in the world, you will also directly transform whole families and communities. In addition to sponsoring a child, you can sponsor a Teacher or sponsor one of the childrens' Pets. You cannot beat Pet Therapy or the value of a child's Teacher. Or perhaps you may prefer to donate to Sunrise Cambodia itself, as we undertake activities that have a positive impact on these children's lives and their communities.


From as little as $50 per month, your monthly donation can make a real impact on our children's access to education. To sponsor a child, teacher or pet, go to our DONATE page and set up your Monthly payment of $50.00 or you can make one Annual payment of $600.00. Then, drop our Sponsorship Manager Melky Schelling an email at to join our sponsorship program.


Sponsor a Child

When you become a child sponsor, you will receive a vibrant progress report twice a year with a  photograph of the student. Sponsors are welcome to visit our projects and meet the kids, as long as they can provide a current photo ID and sign our Visitors Agreement on arrival. Visiting hours are 8am - 5pm, Monday to Friday. Appointments are required. Please email our Operations Manager at

Support our Teachers

Provide life-changing, ongoing education to 300 children when you sponsor our teachers. Education is the greatest gift of all, and your support will allow our kids to thrive in crucial topics including English and Mandarin, computers, health classes, sports (such as tennis, rugby and boxing), art, music and mathematics. You can choose which program you'd like to support when donating.


Sponsor our Rescue Dogs

Our residential pets are rescue dogs that mean the world to our children. Studies show that companionship with our furry friends can bring great joy, happiness, and a sense of calm to people. Our dogs give emotional support and bring so many smiles to the faces of our kids, and are a crucial part of their upbringing.

How Your Donation Helps

Your support through donations will give our children:


  • Nutritious food with rice, meat, fish, vegetables and fruit

  • School supplies like uniforms, shoes, books, school bags, transportation and qualified teachers, in classes like kindergarten, English, Mandarin, computer, music, art, dance and sport

  • Attendance at government schools from grade 1-12 and extra tutoring

  • Support for university degrees and vocational training

  • Medical and dental care

  • Field trips

  • Coaching

  • Workshops to prepare them for life after Sunrise

  • Career counselling

  • But, most all a loving family home environment

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