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Start a Fundraiser

We are always on the hunt for supporters worldwide who are keen to host events or take on personal challenges to raise much-needed funds for the kids and families of Sunrise Cambodia. From individuals to companies, business networking groups, schools, and community groups, we are appreciative of the ongoing support we receive and are always available to assist with your fundraising questions and activities.​

Choose an event

Make a plan for how you are going to raise funds for the cause. It could be a personal challenge, such as a fun run, walkathon, or other fitness challenge, a fundraising breakfast or dinner, or asking family & friends for donations in lieu of a birthday gift.

Workplace Giving

If you'd like to learn more about how you can get your workplace involved through a staff donation program, then please get in contact with us below.

Brenton Whittaker


We highly recommend that you set up an online fundraising page to make it easy for your family, friends and colleagues to make a donation towards your event or challenge.


To ensure donors receive a tax deductible receipt. Click HERE to start your own online crowd-funder for Sunrise!


* Tax deductible receipts are only issued for pure donations. If your donors are receiving goods or services for their contribution, a tax deduction cannot be claimed.

Get in contact

Want to discuss ideas for how you can raise funds for Sunrise Cambodia? Then get in contact with us below: 

Geraldine Cox AM


Tracey Shelton

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