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Sunrise Projects

Who We Are

Sunrise Cambodia is a registered Australian charity founded in 1993, which has provided a loving home, education and care for hundreds of orphaned, abandoned and at-risk children, and education for thousands of other children from poor communities. Our higher education program has supported our kids through university and vocational training, while our community projects have supported whole communities with education programs, infrastructure and emergency aid.

Sunrise Learnig Centre
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Sunrise Learning Centre

Current Beneficiaries: 250 

Our learning centre supports 250 poor and vulnerable children to learn computers, English, Chinese, arts, Khmer traditional music and dance, classical instruments, as well as sports including Tennis, Rugby and Boxing. We also run regular competitions and workshops to address key issues and prepare our kids for life as adults.

Residential Care

Current Beneficiaries: 60

We provide a secure and loving home for some of Cambodia's most vulnerable children. These kids that come to us have often been abandoned, abused, trafficked into prostitution, slave labour or begging rings, are victims of domestic violence or live on the streets to survive. As a result, they are in great need emotionally and physically when they arrive at Sunrise. We provide for them physically and emotionally giving everything they need to flourish in their new happy and loving home.

Residntial Care

Higher Education



Our Youth Education Program supports young adults  through university or vocational training to become Cambodia's next generation of leaders, teachers and influences.

We currently support 60 young adults through this program.

Current Beneficiaries: 60

Higher Education

Community Projects

Sunrise supports poor families in the local community though building and infrastructure projects as well as emergency food packs. 

We also run education programs to cover key issues in the community such as drug and alcohol abuse and protecting the environment.

Community Projects
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